Social Initiatives

DCC creates authentic experiences that cultivate change, foster critical consciousness, and empowers organisations and people to positively impact their communities and the environment.


DCC supports projects of the Bantva Memon Khidmat Committee (BMKC), a local welfare and charity organization. DCC regularly contributes to funding drives for the BMKC Scholarship Program, which comprises educational grants for young achieving students;

and also the BMKC Wedding Fund, which assists impoverished households to enable them to meet wedding related costs.


Over the years DCC has actively supported hospitals through upgrading their facilities as well as meeting operational costs. Our contributions involved building and construction work for a new surgical theatre, as well as providing specialized medical Such as CT Scan, MRI and X-Ray, Ultrasound machines and Ventilators.

With the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, DCC has contributed to the provision of free-of-cost testing within these hospitals.


As a major industrial city, Karachi has seen a steady decline in the number of green spaces available for its citizens. Our ongoing collaboration with the Society for Environment and Mangrove Protection Welfare Association (SEMPWA) focuses on planting trees in various neighborhoods, as well as rehabilitating the natural mangrove habitat surrounding Karachi. Better quality green spaces not only has visual benefit, but also helps neutralise environmental pollution and offset our carbon footprint.

Our Product

DCC has partnered up with NOWPDP, a local NGO, under The Shamil Initiative. NOWPDP operates in the development sector with a focus on inclusion through empowerment of persons with disabilities. As part of this program, leftover fabric from DCC will be provided free-of-cost for production by NOWPDP trained members into satchel bags. The bags will then be distributed among health care workers throughout government hospitals in Karachi.


Like any top tier organization, DCC invests in its people. Regular training and development programs are held for employees, ranging from stitching workshops to informational seminars on health and safety.

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